Burl’s Used Cars is a family and Christian owned and operated used car dealership in Melissa, TX. We are located off HWY 5 between McKinney and Melissa. Burl’s Used Cars was previously owned and operated by Bill Woolard, Burl’s father, and was known as Bill’s Used Cars. In 1991, Burl took over the family business and it became known as Burl’s Used Cars. Burl has been able to keep the business growing year after year because of his honesty and passion to help others. Vehicles break down and sometimes people run into financial problems in life, when that happens Burl is always there to help. If a vehicle breaks down, Burl’s Used Cars has 2 wreckers that can come and pick up the vehicle and bring it back to our shop. We employ 3 mechanics that work Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and will take care of any problems that arise out of any of our vehicles.

Burl’s Used cars is a BUY here, PAY here dealership. The financing is very simple and fast. NO credit checks, no proof of income or proof of residence is required. As long as you promise to pay, he will get you into a vehicle! He is very honest and trusting and expects the same from everyone he deals with. Down payments vary with each individual vehicle. They start at $500 and go up to $1500. There is 0% interest and most vehicles are paid off in 1 year. If you have trouble making your payments just give Burl a call and he will do everything possible to help.

As of August 2015, Burl has begun expanding his used car dealership. He is building a bigger shop, employing more people and offering newer vehicles for sale along with offering financing that will report to the credit bureaus so that people who would like to start building or re-establishing their credit have that ability. Even though 90% of his business is still offered with NO credit check and 0% interest, customers do have the choice to finance which ever way they would like.

So whether you’re looking for a cash car, a car to get you back and forth that can be paid off very quickly with “No Questions Asked” financing through Burl, or a newer vehicle with lower miles and financing through one of our many banks, Burl’s Used Cars is the place to go in Collin County for whatever type of vehicle you are looking for. If we don’t have what you are looking for on our lot just let us know and we can find whatever it is you ARE looking for!!